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      This is a message which seemed worth passing on. Sprawl greatly
increases the use of gas.This is just the tip of the iceberg. We should be
designing  alternative life styles.

                                 Kermit Schlansker
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Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 11:51 AM
Subject: [energyresources] Natural Gas

>The following article dealing with natural gas was on Oil & Gas
>Journal Online.
>Roger Blanchard
>Analyst sees sharply higher natural gas prices this winter
>By the OGJ Online Staff
>HOUSTON, Dec. 6 -- US natural gas prices should jump sharply in the
>first quarter as demand jumps in the face of limited supply.
>Marshall Adkins, managing director of Raymond James & Associates,
>Houston, made that prediction at an International Association of
>Drilling Contractors conference in Houston.
>Adkins and other speakers warned of industry's limits in meeting
>natural gas demand, both from onshore and Gulf of Mexico fields. "We
>may need $4/Mcf or higher gas prices to even stabilize Gulf of Mexico
>production," he said.
>Adkins said gulf production will decline because new prospects are
>smaller than before. Meanwhile, he said industry is drilling deeper --
> 40% deeper since 1983 -- setting a trend of higher costs per well.
>Despite a tripling of rig activity in the past 2 years, he said US
>gas production is slipping anyway and "in the next 5 years it may go
>down big."
>Craig Clark, president and COO of Forest Oil Corp., Denver, said
>natural gas prices should remain in the $3/Mcf range for some time.
>He said industry's drilling performance has been generally poor in
>recent years as the focus shifts to deeper and harder to tap
>reservoirs. "We have to increase our drilling efficiency."
>Paul Hilton, TotalFinaElf E&P USA Inc.'s senior vice-president for
>offshore, agreed industry's prospects in the gulf are getting much
>smaller. "We are going deeper in water and drilling depths, and
>deeper in risk when we do."
>Another problem, he said, is that some of those prospects are 100
>miles from existing infrastructure, requiring a "high dollar
>investment per barrel of oil equivalent."
>Hilton said federal royalty relief "improves the economics
>tremendously." He urged more industry-government cooperation, and
>more coordination between offshore operators on infrastructure
>Kevin Lacy, a ChevronTexaco Corp. well engineering and operations
>advisor, said that despite the impact of commodity prices on
>development decisions, large producers first consider the potential
>production rates and reserves of gulf prospects, and then the
>potential prices.
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