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SG-W:/ the mysterious rober98

A quick search through the archives indicates:

1) Rober98 never identifies himself or herself, aside from a cryptic "frm" attached to some e mails.

2) He or she likes to post articles from the Ann Arbor News that talk about the current administration in Pittsfield, especially if there is a whiff of controversy.

3) He or she likes to post articles from the Ann Arbor News about Newmarket.

4) He or she likes to post articles from the Ann Arbor news about Forever Green.

5) He or she wanted to make sure that the list members knew that Andres Duany, the infamous new suburbanist, was speaking at a conference on sprawl.

6) He or she likes Leopold's, but is worried that they might not make a go of it financially.

I like to talk to people who identify themselves, don't you? So I think I'll sleuth my way down to Leopold's and hang out mysteriously with Andres Duany's latest tome peeking in an intriguing manner from a bookbag, to see if any strangers approach and murmur "I am rober98, sometimes known as frm." I'll let curious listservers know what I discover! Christina Lirones, secret identity: Tina

PS: Is Leopold's still open? We spies hate to go out in the cold if it's not necessary.

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