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        We need strong measures to combat running out of fertilizer. This
factor is far more important than stream pollution. We must start using
sewage as fertilizer and stop fertilizing lawns.

                                     Kermit Schlansker
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Subject: [energyresources] Re:The Law of Entropy (Phosphates)

>      For those who have expressed an interest in more literature about the
>phosphate ore depletion crisis see the article "Sinkholes and stacks" in
>June 12th, 1995 issue of "U.S. News and World Report".  The dramatic
>picture of the huge sinkhole  produced by phosphate mining operations
>in Florida gives you an example of the kind of problems we face.
>       I also recommend that you look at an Encyclopedia on the subject
>of Phosphorous.  The Phosphorous Cycle is fairly well understood.
>U.S. Reserves of Phosphate Ores are being rapidly depleted.  Most
> Phosphate Reserves are in North Africa in a region subject to war and
>a strong Islamic Fundamentalist movement.  World Reserves are estimated
>at about 70 years.
>      Most Phosphates end up in run-off in fields into streams and rivers
>and eventually into the Ocean where he is not practical or feasible to
>recover.  The general problem involved the diffusion of elements or
>chemical compounds into the environment.  Some Phosphate appears
>to get trapped in clay.  Phosphate is a crucial fertilizer for plant growth
>and is responsible for energy exchanges within the cells of all living
> Ken Holder
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