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SG-W:/ Public Health Grand Rounds - Urban Sprawl & Health

see: http://PublicHealthGrandRounds.unc.edu/index.html


                  Urban sprawl impacts land use, transportation, and social and economic
                  development, but it also has serious implications for our health. There is
                  increasing evidence that the way we design our communities discourages
                  physical activity such as walking and cycling, contributes to air pollution,
                  and promotes pedestrian injuries and fatalities. Automobile dependence
                  contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and increases the risk of car
                  crashes. Runoff due to the absence of vegetation is polluting our water
                  systems. And sprawl may threaten mental health and social capital. Join us
                  as we discuss these and other health effects and present the case of
                  Portland, Oregon, a community that has made great strides in containing
                  urban sprawl. We will explore the history of this issue, our current
                  situation, and future directions in promoting smart growth and healthy

If you don't live near Ann Arbor - check the link: http://www.publichealthgrandrounds.unc.edu/webreg/sitelist.cfm
for a site near your community.

For more on this topic see:

Directions for reserving a seat:

1. Sites in Ann Arbor are listed under:
Washtenaw County Library (LLRC) (for anyone - public)
Taubman College, U of Michigan (for University staff, faculty, students)

2. go to

3. and click on either Washtenaw County or Taubman College listing to get specific contact information - call or email to reserve.

4. For online registration see: http://PublicHealthGrandRounds.unc.edu/participant.htm

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