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SG-W:/ Re: Fw: [energyresources] Re:The Law of Entropy (Phosphates)

We agree that too much fertilizer is being used. Nitrogen can be replaced by
growing legume crops. However even that requires more plowing energy.
Organic farming is a hoax in that it either wears out the soil or is fed by
manure which is generated from chemically fertilized crops. There is no
mechanism for replacing potassium or phosphorus other than mines. Human
manure is the only thing we will have a surplus of in the future. It has
been used on crops by other countries for centuries. The problems in using
it for fertilizer are either exaggerated or surmountable. Most problems can
be met by decentralizing sewage plants. Planned communities would be one way
to solve this problem. Sewage to fertilizer  is a technical problem that the
human race must solve to prevent starvation in the next 200 years.

                           Kermit Schlansker
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Date: Friday, January 04, 2002 12:41 AM
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>I must disagree.  "Modern" chemical farming practices greatly overuse
>fertilizer, resulting in massive pollution and degradation of soils,
>which encourages more overuse of fertilizer.  Conversion of agriculture to
>organic farming methods that encourage healthy soils would both reduce the
>unnecessary use of fertilizers and reduce water pollution, as well as
>reducing need for pesticides.
>While organic farming methods can involve use of manures, use of municipal
>sewage is very dangerous, as sewage can contain many hazardous, toxic, and
>carcinogenic materials, as well as transmit human diseases.
> --Barb Madsen
>On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Kermit Schlansker wrote:
>>         We need strong measures to combat running out of fertilizer. This
>> factor is far more important than stream pollution. We must start using
>> sewage as fertilizer and stop fertilizing lawns.

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