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SG-W:/ SG-W: The Law of Entropy (Phosphates)

Yes, too much fertilizer is being used on lawns and in commercial
agriculture, and nitrogen can be replaced by growing legume crops.

However, it was my understanding that potassium and phosphorus can also be
replaced by natural, organic farming techniques, although I am admittedly
unsure of the specifics. Your assertion that organic farming is fed by
non-organic manure is false; all inputs in an organic farm, if it is
certified as such, must also be organic.

Using human sewage as fertilizer is a technique that has been used in
other countries, but it does pose health risks in that it can transmit
disease. China, for instance, has had a problem with this for years. It
may be possible to treat it in a way that avoids these risks on a large,
municiple-level scale, although that has not happened yet as far as I
know. On an individual level, Sim van der Ryn has tackled the construction
of compost privies in private homes, as detailed in his book 'Toilet
Papers', here in the United States. Having not read the book, I don't know
the details as to how he deals with the health hazards.


On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, Kermit Schlansker wrote:

> We agree that too much fertilizer is being used. Nitrogen can be replaced by
> growing legume crops. However even that requires more plowing energy.
> Organic farming is a hoax in that it either wears out the soil or is fed by
> manure which is generated from chemically fertilized crops. There is no
> mechanism for replacing potassium or phosphorus other than mines. Human
> manure is the only thing we will have a surplus of in the future. It has
> been used on crops by other countries for centuries. The problems in using
> it for fertilizer are either exaggerated or surmountable. Most problems can
> be met by decentralizing sewage plants. Planned communities would be one way
> to solve this problem. Sewage to fertilizer  is a technical problem that the
> human race must solve to prevent starvation in the next 200 years.
>                            Kermit Schlansker

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