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SG-W:/ Re: Fw: [energyresources] Re:The Law of Entropy (Phosphates)

       You are not being logical and are not addressing the problem of where
fertilizer will come from when the mines wear out. If there are too many
heavy metals in sewage then we must make a change in our water and sewage
systems. Farming without finite quantity mined materials could not possibly
supply the vast amount of food consumed by the American public. I believe
that soon all sewage must be recycled. Sooner or later they will also start
using bodies for fertilizer. That is better than starving.
         When the oil and gas are gone then there will be desperation. We
need to invest $500 billion every year for many years on conservation and
alternate energy.. If we don't start now it will be too late.
         If you want to save lives and oil then, campaign for a 55 mph speed
limit. Fighting sprawl is essential because it consumes so much heating
energy and gasoline.

                            Kermit Schlansker  PE
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>And you might be surprised by the levels of toxic materials found in
>sewage sludge. If the sewage contains ONLY human bodily waste, then your
>statement about its contents are correct.  The problem is that sewage
>sludge from most sources contains many other materials that people put
>into the sewage system, including drugs and many toxic materials.  In
>addition, many of the current applications of sewage to land have resulted
>in significant water pollution because of the excessive levels of
>nutrients applied.
> --Barb Madsen

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