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Re: SG-W:/ SG-W: The Law of Entropy (Phosphates)

I just have to say hello first. I have been reading for sometime now all 
the issues and matters that have arisen here with extreme interest. I first 
found this list searching for anything that had to do with the fight that 
is going on within my township of Sharon. First, I am not an activist in 
what many define that title to be. Second, I am not an expert in any field, 
and finally third, I am taught mostly from my experiences of life. With 
that said, I should move on.
 To the matter of this fertilizer debate that has taken some by storm. 
Vivienne has stated a most rational response to the debate, but I will have 
to say that she is a tad bit wrong with "Sludge" only being used on none 
food source crops. There are four companies that haul, and " knife " in the 
sludge to crop fields in Washtenaw and Jackson counties alone. One year 
they will plant what is called " feed " corn, to only plant soy the next. 
To say that " feed" corn is a non-food crop is completely incorrect. It is 
the feed of the feed. I only have to make one reference to the misconstrued 
"Mad cow" disease. Then to the next year, to which even I know with my 
limited knowledge of biochemistry, soy is planted, which it loves heavy 
metals, for human consumption.
  With permission, put that aside though. Why are we debating about what 
fertilizer is going to be abundant and or available in the next fifty years 
when the land to farm won't be ? Now, there will be "Mega" farms, and maybe 
even ADM (the super market to the world) planting what they wish. But what 
about my neighbors ? I watch the choicest ( for this particular area ) 
fields sprout five hundred to one million dollar homes. Not corn, not soy, 
Not even dairy cattle or sheep roaming.
  What is one to do ? Do we eliminate the inheritance tax ? Do we sit by 
and watch the corporations take over the soul responsibility to produce our 
food ? Do we set aside land not for housing, but for farming ? I would be 
more interested in seeing comments on these issues then about fertilizer.
  I do have to just put in one more comment, for those that have read this 
far. To the energy issues, how can we complain about the gas and electric 
companies, the drilling and lack of resources, when we don't even hold the 
Michigan government responsible for a simple task of passing a " Net 
metering " law of which 48 other states have ? What is the net metering 
concept some may ask ? Well it's simple, it's the ability to run your 
electric meter backwards. How can one sell a home owner on solar, wind, or 
hydro, when they can't get a fair return.
  Just some thoughts. Thank you for the air time.
                                                      Andrew Burden.

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