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SG-W:/ Job Available: GMLA Executive Director



The Growth Management Leadership Alliance, a national coalition of state and regional Smart Growth organizations of which MEC is a member, is seeking its first executive director.  The position is in the D.C. area, but will have direct influence on many collaborative projects impacting Michigan.  The description is pasted below and more information is available at http://www.gmla.org/exdir.html.  Please forward this as you see fit.







Conan Smith

Land Programs Director

Michigan Environmental Council

119 Pere Marquette, Suite 2A

Lansing, MI  48912

p. 517-487-9539

f.  517-487-9541






Position Announcement

Executive Director

Growth Management Leadership Alliance (GMLA)


We’re looking for a dynamic organization builder who also thrives on working closely in support of outstanding leaders of state and regional citizen groups. GMLA is a network of the heads of 33 state and regional level non-profits carrying out a wide range of programs to directly shape and implement smart growth policies and other actions. We are now seeking our first full time staff member, an Executive Director who can both carry out the programs called for in our newly adopted strategic plan (hiring other staff as required) and develop additional funding and other resources for the organization. Based in Washington, D.C., GMLA will be co-located with its national partner organization, Smart Growth America. Applications should be sent to the address noted below -- the position is open until filled but GMLA seeks to hire in early 2002.


The GMLA staff team is expected to include the executive director, program associate (both full time) and part-time administrative assistance plus a part-time senior fellow who shall assist with program and organizational development. Guided by the newly adopted GMLA Strategic Plan 2002-2004, the Executive Director's responsibilities are to:

  • Design and carry out two GMLA member meetings per year (three days each), including development of educational programs and materials (meetings are intensive workshops on issues and organizational subjects), coordination with local hosts of event logistics, fundraising and event followup.
  • Provide on-call support to individual GMLA organizations in the form of research, contacts and materials, and coordinate information sharing and support among GMLA groups.
  • Identify and secure funds for expanded and ongoing GMLA programs.
  • Enable GMLA member groups to understand and have access to national and federal debates over growth management, in coordination with Smart Growth America and other national organizations.
  • Develop programs to support emerging growth management leaders and efforts in states and regions not now a part of GMLA.
  • Hire and manage additional staff as needed.
  • Support the GMLA Executive Committee leadership.
  • In collaboration with the GMLA Executive Committee and GMLA members, develop programs to respond to other emerging opportunities for improving on-the-ground citizen leadership of growth management efforts in states and regions.


The successful candidate shall be:

  • An organization builder who can take a wide range of skills and resources and out of them grow GMLA to its next level of development;
  • Well-versed in the nature of growth management as it plays out at the state and metropolitan regional level, and in its relationship to national trends and approaches;
  • Respectful of a wide variety of approaches to conducting growth management programs, and committed  to the importance of front-line state and regional growth management groups;
  • An outstanding communicator and motivator, particularly in fundraising from foundations and agencies;
  • Highly organized in work discipline;
  • Creative in developing approaches to improving leadership capacities among GMLA members and other groups; and
  • A collaborator who can build partnerships within GMLA and with other interests, and who learns well from experience.

GMLA expects that candidates will have significant professional experience in the field of growth management, with a proven track record of personal accomplishment. Experience in non-profit organizations is highly desirable.

The person we are looking for will be passionate about our issues, ready to help build an established organization into an even more effective force, committed to leading in close partnership with the members of GMLA and possessing a strong understanding of non-profits at state and regional scales.

GMLA is a unique and dynamic organization, with roots in much of North America. The person selected for Executive Director will benefit greatly from the contact with so many outstanding places, people and perspectives, and will gain deep satisfaction at helping support and develop the on the ground leadership of the growth management movement.


GMLA is a small, developing organization. Its compensation package is primarily salary, plus medical and other benefits. Salary will likely be in the high sixties/low seventies, depending on experience and skills. Vacation will start at three weeks per year, holidays will number 12, and there are six days of medical leave per year. Success in fundraising and other key project tasks will likely bring increases
in compensation.



Applications should be submitted as both hard copy and email attachment.  Mail hard copy applications to:: Larry Orman, GMLA consultant, 1616 Delaware St. Berkeley, CA 94703.  Electronic copies should be sent to: info@gmla.org.. Please include a one to two page letter describing your interest and skills in relation to GMLA and a resume (Mac users please use .doc extension for Word files.)  The applications will be reviewed by a GMLA hiring team and you will be notified as soon as possible as to your candidacy status. Further information (samples of work, references) will be requested of selected candidates.

Questions can be emailed to: info@gmla.org  or to:  lorman@ix.netcom.com