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Re: SG-W:/ The Sierra Club Presents: "Made in the Shade: Coffee &Conservation in Latin

BTW - Shade-grown coffee is available at the People's Food Co-Op on 4th Ave 
in Ann Arbor.
--On Sunday, February 17, 2002 3:29 PM -0500 Michael Sklar 
<mssklar@home.com> wrote:

> Friends,
> A rich, freshly brewed cup of coffee is one of life's simple pleasures.
> Unfortunately, our taste for coffee has had a devastating effect on
> wildlife as rainforests are cleared for coffee plantations.
> But there's a new aroma in the world.  Coffee lovers are learning about
> the environmental impacts of coffee production and forcing growers,
> retailers, and coffee houses to shift to shade-grown coffee.  Not only
> is such coffee more eco-friendly, it also tastes great.
> You can learn about the impact eco-friendly coffee has on wildlife
> habitat at the Sierra Club/Huron Valley Group's next public meeting on
> Tuesday, February 19.  Tom Dietsch will present "Made in the Shade:
> Coffee and Conservation in Latin America."  The program begins at 7:30
> PM and takes place at the Matthei Botanical Gardens, located at 1800
> Dixboro Road between Plymouth and Geddes.
> We invite you to have a cup of shade-grown coffee during our social
> hour, which also gives you a chance to meet others who share your
> interests in exploring, enjoying, and protecting nature.  You can also
> learn about local Sierra Club activities including hikes, ski trips,
> service projects, and a variety of conservation campaigns.  If you want
> to help stop sprawl (at no cost to you!) while buying groceries, books,
> CDs, and other merchandise at the stores where you already shop, we'll
> have EarthCash shopping vouchers available for sale by cash or check.
> The Sierra Club/Huron Valley Group's monthly public meetings are held on
> the third Tuesday of each month at the beautiful Matthei Botanical
> Gardens, located at 1800 N. Dixboro Road (between Geddes and Plymouth
> Roads, east of US-23), beginning at 7:30 pm.  Meetings are free and open
> to the public. Newcomers are welcome; no membership is required.
> I hope to see you at Tuesday's meeting.  Please feel free to forward
> this message to others who might be interested.
> Michael Sklar
> Co-Chair, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group
> HVG Events information: (734) 480-7751 *or*
> www.mirror.org/groups/mi-enviro

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