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SG-W:/ Re: [energyresources] Hydrogen from gasoline!!!

       You have to look at this thing quantitatively. I am only proposing
lifting amounts of NOx for American cars that get over 50 mpg. That is a
relatively small segment of the market and a miniscule  segment of  whole
world NOx. Other countries will build Diesels. During our last trip to
Europe we rode around in a supercharged Diesel. Other countries are way
ahead of us. Batteries in hybrid systems are too expensive. We need to do
something to get car companies to work on other options. Our lawmakers have
let us down so we must find another way.

Kermit Schlansker
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>On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Kermit Schlansker wrote:
>... Furthermore, NOx is a fertiliser and may increase
>> carbon growth enough to compensate for its Greenhouse effect.
>No, it has been shown that in terrestrial ecosystems, atmospheric N
>deposition does not increase carbon uptake ("carbon growth" is a
>misnomer).  (Knute Nadelhoffer just talked about this in a seminar on
>the UM campus recently).  Further, additions of N to most aquatic
>ecosystems cause increases in growth of nuisance algae, which disrupt the
>functioning of those ecosystems.  Trying to look at this as a mere
>exercise in chemistry ("just add N, that will remove more C and you'll be
>fine") is not valid; ecosystems and their functioning are much more
>complex than that.
> The environmentalists must start to realize
>> that fuel consumption is more important than pollution.
>This statement is also invalid; both problems are important.  It will do
>no good to reduce fuel consumption if in doing so we destroy ecosystems
>and our own health.
>--Barbara Madsen

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