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SG-W:/ SG-W: Washtenaw County Natural Area Preservation applications available

Applications for the Washtenaw County Natural Area Preservation Program (NAPP) are now available from the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Department.

The program—approved by voters in November, 2000—seeks to protect the county’s outstanding natural features and landscapes for their ecological, scientific and recreational benefits.  Over $27 million will be available over the 10 year course of the program.

Landowners whose property has significant natural features—such as water frontage, woodlands, wetlands and rare species of plants or animals—are encouraged to apply.  The county ordinance defining the program allows for the fee interest purchase of land and also for the purchase of “conservation easements” that would keep the land in private ownership and restrict or prevent public access.  Acquisition values will be determined by independent real estate appraisers.

Applications will be screened using criteria established by the program’s advisory committee.  The committee will ultimately make recommendations to the county Parks and Recreation Commission, which will make the final determinations on which properties to protect and the price to pay for them.  Any land purchased outright will be maintained by county parks for quiet recreational use.

Applications are available from County Parks at (734) 971-6337, or on the county web site at <http://www.co.washtenaw.mi.us/DEPTS/PARK/forms/Natacnominationform.pdf>.

Please feel free to pass this info on or to post elsewhere.

Barry Lonik, Chair
Natural Area Technical Advisory Committee