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SG-W:/ Conservancy Slide Presentation

The following is a press release which was sent out by the City of Southfield 
regarding a presentation I will be making tomorrow evening.  The Southfield 
Parks & Recreation Building is at 26000 Evergreen Road, between 10 & 11 Mile 
Roads (also between the Northwestern Hwy/Lodge Freeway and I-696).  It is 
within the Southfield Civic Center, on the north side of the building near 
the front towards Evergreen Road.  It would be nice to see you there!

Jack Smiley
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy
-  -  -  -  -  -  -

April 11, 2002,   7 p.m.
Southfield Parks & Recreation Building
26000 Evergreen Road 

The Detroit Audubon Society will host a presentation by Jack Smiley, 
President of the Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy, on Thursday, April 11 
starting at 7 p.m. at the Southfield Parks and Recreation Building.  The 
program is free and open to the public.  

The Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy is one of the most active land 
conservancies in Michigan and has completed 27 projects which have protected 
1,540 acres of land in the seven county southeast Michigan region.  By 
leveraging private donations, the Conservancy has been able to protect land 
with a value of over $6 million.  The program will feature slides of many of 
the Conservancy properties.

Mr. Smiley will also explain some of the land protection tools which the 
Conservancy has utilized and will inform landowners of steps they may take to 
permanently protect their land, including establishing conservation 
easements.  A conservation easement can permanently protect ones property 
while according the landowner significant income, estate and property tax 
benefits.  The property remains in private ownership and no public access is 
required.  The Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy has also purchased land 
which it has then transferred to local governments.

More information can be obtained from the Conservancy's web site:  


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