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SG-W:/ Dexter Library

Attention Dexter District Library members

Dexter District Library has decided to move into a 25,000-30,000 square foot building with 150 parking spaces. The site chosen is 10 heavily-wooded acres next to the new Dexter High School on Parker Road. The library currently sits in the core of Dexter Village and benefits all residents of the District with its close proximity to Downtown businesses and its walk-ability to almost 2,000 residents. In addition to furthering the sprawl mentality, the proposed new location will be accessible only by car, eliminating all other options for accessibility. 

This decision was made without consulting Village or Township officials and without any public input, despite numerous requests for public input. Many District residents have opposed this move based on its sprawl-inducing effect on surrounding land and flawed investigation process. The proponents of this plan have  stated that they see the core population and activity moving out of the Village and closer to the new high school, so they think they are actually ahead of the game. 

Please show your support for the preservation of a core community asset and vote against sprawl and against the Library Bond Proposal on June 10 at Wylie Middle School. We need all the support we can get in order to achieve a community based process.

If you are interested, I have attached a letter recently submitted to the Ann Arbor News with more detailed information.
For more information, questions, or if you would like to help distribute flyers, please contact Matt Kowalski at osiris99@go.com or  home: 424-9977.  
Thanks for your support!

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