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Re: SG-W:/ Dexter Library

In response to Andrew Mutch's thoughtful response, I'd like to note there is a site along the main drag in Dexter (I think it's called Main St. at that point, but it may be Dexter-Ann Arbor Rd.) that is quite suitable for locating a much-needed new library facility and available.  It has sidewalks and is across from the middle/elementary school complex over there.  There is also the issue that the taxpayers have paid for and owned the site next to the high school, as part of that project's land acquisition several years ago.  Now the library board wants us to pay for the same property a second time.  It's also questionable whether the school district can sell an asset for less than its market value.  Yes the district extends some distance beyond the village limits, but why make everyone drive to it?

All that and more is what leads me to support the library operating millage but oppose the construction bond.  

Barry Lonik