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Re: SG-W:/ Tour de Wetlands

The former wetland on the Pfizer property was really very poor quality
wetland that was overrun with garbage.  This area really no longer really
served as a wetland, maybe with the exception of a few migratory waterfowl
and other fauna and flora.  Pfizerís wetland restoration is under the
guidance of Pollack Design, and they have developed and initiated a sound
plan to restore the natural usefulness of this wetland.  It is true that
this area is not currently a fully restored wetland, however, if you look in
there presently, you will see that a large number of wetland plants have
been planted and are beginning to take hold, and with proper care and
maintenance this should turn into a high quality wetland in a few short

As for these environmental scofflaws, are you aware of the plan Pfizer has
initiated toward the restoration of Millerís Creek?  About 10%-15% of the
Miller Creek watershed is now on Pfizer property.  Pfizer has brought
together a number of groups (the University, local businesses and residents)
that are in the watershed and has submitted a bid to bring in consultants to
begin the restoration of the entire Millerís Creek watershed, one of the
dirtiest creeks along the Huron River.  And, by the way, Pfizer is the major
funding source for this project.

Pfizer has also undertaken other initiatives toward moderating itsí affect
on the surrounding environment.  One mechanism is to support and encourage
alternative means of transportation for its employees.  While there is
currently parking available for almost all employees, there is only expected
to be parking for about 80% after their expected build out on the newly
acquired property.  Pfizer will also provide, free of charge, an AATA
monthly pass to any employee who request this option.  The Pfizer fitness
center has a summer program that rewards employees for alternative modes of
transportation--though giving greater encouragement to those who use some
form of physical exercise to and from work (walk, run, bike, roller blade,
etc.), they also reward carpooling and the use of public transportation.
The company even has set up van pooling, utilizing the companies own shuttle
buses, to some of the outlying areas such as Stockbridge, Tecumseh and
Plymouth. Finally, on the recently purchased property, Pfizer is developing
a site plan, which includes the use of access management to further try to
relieve traffic congestion in the area around the facility.

One further point regarding the tax abatement.  During the duration of the
tax abatement it is estimated that Pfizer will generate about $80 million
for the city of Ann Arbor from using land that was previously off the tax
roles.  The industrial use of this particular piece of land is reasonable,
and I am certain that the city can readily utilize this money to enhance the
community.  By granting this tax abatement the city council did the right
thing for both the community and Pfizer.  And I believe that Pfizer should
be applauded for attempting to both mediate its impact on the surrounding
area and to enhance this community.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeffrey Marine

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heads up!
having worked for 17 years across the street from the former wetlands
(Hubbard&Huron Pkway) and pfizer's re-do, i can vouch for the fact that
that parke-davis/pfizer's work was destructive and hardly restored the
water space.  shame on them!  migratory water fowl and other fauna and
flora have suffered as a result.  shame too on ann arbor granting tax
breaks to such environmental scofflaws!

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