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Re: SG-W:/ Protecting drinking water supply


I know that the City of Columbus, Ohio long ago purchased lands in
the surrounding Townships to create resevoirs and provide sources of
water for the City. Closer to home, I believe that the City of Ann Arbor
has some of its wells on the Airport property in Pittsfield Township. The
City's holdings in the Township are probably in excess of 600 acres which
keeps some of the booming development away from those water sources.

Andrew Mutch

On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Steve Bean wrote:

> I just returned from vacation out West where I noticed on a map that
> Boulder, Colorado apparently owns a chunk of land in the mountains that
> is drinking water supply watershed. Now I see that Boston has done
> something similar (see article below).
> Is anyone familiar with this concept? Can anyone comment on its
> applicability to Ann Arbor, for example, given that we get most of our
> drinking water from the Huron River? I know that providing a steady
> water supply is often cited as one of many reasons for protecting
> natural areas, but has it ever been the primary purpose in this area?
> Steve

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