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Re: SG-W:/ Protecting drinking water supply

HI there,

You are absolutely correct re: the Stockbridge site, however it is my
understanding the site is actually zoned for a MHP & the polluter is the
city.  Apparently Stockbridge's own waste water facility is obsolete &, the
city is the culprit.  The developer was actually going to build a new
facility - free of charge - big enough for MHP & city, and it would
discharge less phosphorus.  The city claimed being "grandfathered", said no
& continues to discharge higher than "allowed" phosphorus levels.  IMO a
site liek this is where a MHP belongs, near services and not on farmland in
the middle of nowhere.

Our situation is completely different.

   location is M-52 1/2 way between Chelsea & Manchester
   ~ 1/4 wetland - I believe it is registered nationally (I remember it
   from a map I obtained from HRWC)
   between two "S" curves known for dangerous conditions (memorials to
   victims dot the ditch banks)
   no municipal services including police road patrol, sewer or natural gas
   currently zoned ag
   Pleasant Lake drain meanders thru center of a former swamp (currently
   farmed with a bulldozer it's so wet!) prior to dumping into the MILL
   CREEK (refer to HRWC newsletter - Stone Fly issue  - that refers to the
   "damage" caused by recent installation of new utility poles. Well if the
   developer gets his way, you can kiss Mr. & Mrs Stone Fly good bye....
   700+ units = about 1000-2100 children = many school buses leaving &
   returning each school day between two "S" curves. Curves that are
   slightly above the bog-like land.  In the fall/winter this "recipie"
   causes ice to form quickly on the paved road's surface.... did I mention
   BIG gravel hauling trucks use this as their primary route???


I personally would like to see a very serious effort put forth by all the
caring subscribers of this, the smartgrowth listserver, to stop "dumb -
growth" prior to the first spade turning soil.... but how?

RE: HRWC Over the past 3 years I have attended many HRWC mtgs, spoke with
at least 4 people in leadership roles re: this issue, gathered mountains of
data from them & compiled quite a case against this development.  All well
& good, but NO ONE there would actually go on record supportive of the
Township's stand against this potential development.  We managed to get a
few Amicus briefs from other gov't & non-gov't groups, but really
wanted/needed one from the so-called "experts", but were turned down.  Why?
It would that the guardian would want, well, protect wouldn't it??

The data HRWC provided was wonderful, thank you. It greatly helped my
argument when I spoke/challenged the developer's representative at WCPC
hearing to rezone the property in question - the WCPC turned down the
developer's request by unanimous vote.

Sorry if I am boring anyone, but I've seen too many zealots get their way
and over-develop land because they can.   I've worked in Ann Arbor prior to
the decimation of farms along Ellsworth... worked in Novi when there were
orchards, wildlife & open space -  EVERYWHERE along Beck road, past Grand
River & over to Vencenti court, and St Clair Shores too, where 99.9% of all
land is non-public (open space, ha!).

 A few questions for all: How much longer will it take before strip malls
reach from Port Huron with Chicago?  How much longer will you sit by & not
take a stand? Will we begin to recycle urban blight, or continue urban

One possibility I thought of is to use the Parks & Rec Milage $$$ to
purchase lands in jeopardy... a 180 acre Park, dedicated to open space at
the foot of the Sharon Foot Hills, hey now that has a nice ring to it!
Anyone care to comment?

On the lighter side, here are two phrases we Sharon Folk like to use as our
mottos: "Sharon Township - the sprawl stops here", and "We might not be the
richest township on the planet - but we have a whole lot more stubborn than

3 years & counting....  the bull dozers have yet to be started.

Bob Guysky

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ONe thought is approaching the issue through the Huron River phosphorus
reduction initiative - contact the Huron River Watershed Council that
coordiantes some of that activity.  I think a similar MH development in
Stockbridge was stopped, at least temporarily, by looking at
nutrient impacts to the Huron and thus downstream to Ford Lake.  Catherine

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002 rg58@daimlerchrysler.com wrote:

> Catherine:
> Here in the beautiful short hills of Sharon Township (the center of
> Washtenaw County's glacial power!!),  we have been facing a potential
> development for over three years, that would dispense 200-800K gals of
> "treated" waste water into the Mill Creek.  The Mill Creek as you already
> know, is a major contributor to HRVWatershed.  Might you have any
> strong/convincing/irrefutable data to support a pro-active stance against
> poorly placed developments that would directly impact the quality of Ann
> Arbor's water?
> BTW, the 200-800K gals of water would come from deep wells not a
> supply.... a threat to the water supply of surrounding homes to say the
> least.
> I've tried all the usual suspects, to no avail...  JMO, but it seems many
> of our ultra concerned conservationists would rather wait until
> occurs prior to taking up the good fight to prevent further decimation of
> our resources in the first place.
> Any information would greatly be appreciated.
> Ps:  to all that might be considering drafting a protective water
> ordinance for Ann Arbor's water - keep it simple and, you must include
> entire county.  To do anything less will be lost energy.  I already have
> much data to aid the cause, so please contact me directly if/when offline
> coordination takes place.
> Bob Guysky
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> I know that the sensitive ground water recharge areas in Washtenaw County
> have been identified.  I worked on an EIS for the expansion of US-12
> 12 years ago.  In that document, I identified important recharge areas in
> Pittsfield Twp. that could have been impacted by a road expansion.  The
> glacial deposits contribute to recharge and an old glacial river channel
> conveys large quantities of groundwater in that general area.  That area
> may be developed by now, I am not sure.  It seems that we would have to
> work at a county or watershed level to protect these recharge areas.
> Catherine
> "Robert M. Johnson" wrote:
>       At 3:44 PM -0400 7/2/2002, Steve Bean wrote:
>             I just returned from vacation out West where I noticed on a
>             that
>             Boulder, Colorado apparently owns a chunk of land in the
>             mountains that
>             is drinking water supply watershed. Now I see that Boston has
>             done
>             something similar (see article below).
>             Is anyone familiar with this concept? Can anyone comment on
>             applicability to Ann Arbor, for example, given that we get
>             of our
>             drinking water from the Huron River? I know that providing a
>             steady
>             water supply is often cited as one of many reasons for
>             protecting
>             natural areas, but has it ever been the primary purpose in
>             area?
>         Steve,
>           I have dreamed of doing this for years. I have never gotten
>       beyond the yearning stage.
>          The watershed of the Huron is where we get our water, and it is
>       being built up rapidly. Now there are technical fixes - more
>       chlorine, more filtering - which will keep the water safe no matter
>       what, but there seems to be an infinite number of reasons why it
>       would be better to keep the water in the River pure to begin with.
>       lot of development along the River will not help.
>          If you have any ideas about how to begin, I would be very
>       interested.
>       - Bob   PS. Incidentally, my old home town, New York City, has
>       so pure - from the Catskill Mountains - that they do not need to
>       chlorinate it. NYC is also buying as much of the land around their
>       reservoirs as they can.(See attached file: criseng.vcf)

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