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Re: SG-W:/ farmland preservation in Macomb County

There's an interesting article by Frances Moore Lappe and her daughter
in the Spring 2002 issue of World Ark (put out by Heifer International)
that deals in large part with the linking of farms and their larger
communities. It gets into the concept of "solving for pattern", which is
the kind of approach I've always hoped the AA Environmental Commission
would adopt.

As for starting points, I think it would be great to get a copy of the
28-point program from Macomb first. Can you do that, Mike?

I'm interested in exploring this further and would gladly attend a
meeting to brainstorm and discuss possibilities.


>How do we start?  Who will lead? Where do we organize?  Just a few
>questions to start.
>Fall is fast approaching & being an election year time is short for
>My guess is early December for the first public meeting, and gather
>informally between now & then.  BTW AFT seems like a great resource to
>PS remember  Teddy Roosevelt was "politically conservative" as well...
>didn't he started the Nat'l Park system? I am politically conservative,
>the literal sense.
>>Brief, yet interesting, article about Macomb County's recent approval
of a
>>28-point farmland preservation program in today's Detroit News:
>>If it can be done in the more heavily populated and politically
>>conservative Macomb, shouldn't we be able to do something like that
here in

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