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SG-W:/ Focus on sustainable development (fwd)

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>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2002 6:30:00
>From: Nature Publishing Group <information@nature.com>
>Subject: Focus on sustainable development
>Nature focuses on sustainable development...
>Ten years on from the Earth Summit in Rio, international policy
>makers will gather in Johannesburg next week at the United Nations
>World Summit on Sustainable Development. Politicians, scientists and
>pressure groups will strive to set out plans to counter the current
>global trend of unsustainability.
>Issues high on the agenda include depletion of fresh-water reserves,
>population growth, the use of unsustainable energy sources, food
>security, habitat loss and global health, all to be addressed in the
>context of social justice in balance with environmental
>Click on the link below to view the web focus, including a wide
>selection of recent articles from Nature, plus news and features
>reporting from Johannesburg.

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