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SG-W:/ Posthumus, Granholm on farm profitability

Dear Friend,

Both Michigan gubernatorial candidates support adding value to farm
products to support a new farm economy and curtail the loss of farmland.
Both could expand on the idea by better understanding the role that
economic development agencies and entrepreneurial farmers are starting to
play to expand regional farm economies. The Michigan Land Use Institute
just posted an article by Patty Cantrell and Keith Schneider about
promising new home-grown and government-encouraged initiatives that could
go a long way to
help farm families, stem the loss of farmland, and protect the

See the article here:

The candidates have been invited to discuss these ideas during a farmland
protection conference in Lansing on September 28. As part of the
Institute's continuing coverage of the 2002 Michigan gubernatorial
campaign, we'll be sure to keep you updated on the outcome.

Thanks so much,
Keith Schneider,
Program Director
Michigan Land Use Institute


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