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SG-W:/ Locals Get an MDOT Squeeze

Diesel tax benefits state by pinching local folks

Sunday’s Lansing State Journal includes this sharp column from MEC’s transportation policy specialist Dusty Fancher, highlighting some pitfalls in the Michigan Department of Transportation’s drive to cull dollars for bigger and wider roads.  The policy proposal would raise the diesel tax four cents (putting it on par with commuter fuels at $0.19 per gallon).  The increase, however, would be dedicated to state roads to help float bonds and pay interest on Build Michigan III projects.  Under current law, the funds are distributed to state highways, local road commissions and public transit providers. 


With both major party gubernatorial candidates endorsing a diesel tax increase, there is some certainty that the proposal will see action soon.  For more information about how to help direct these funds to sustainable transportation projects or to find out how your city or county will be impacted, call Ms. Fancher at our office or drop her an email at dustymec@voyager.net.  




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