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SG-W:/ Lodi: 50 acres rezoning to mobile home park

Title: Lodi: 50 acres rezoning to mobile home park


On Tuesday, October 22, at 8:30 pm, at the Township Hall, the Lodi township planning commission will be considering a proposal to rezone approximately 50 acres of open space from agricultural zoning to MHP (mobile home park).

The land consists of five adjacent parcels on the east side of Wagner that are being purchased by the owner/developer of the existing Manufactured Housing village on Wagner (by Waters Road) with a plan to extend that park northward toward the Knox Church.  The parcels include large grassy meadows, a lovely old orchard with a pothole pond, and the edges of a large wet beech and sugar maple forest.  The ecosystem with its various components supports a great variety of wildlife (nesting great horned owls, redtail hawks, and vultures, grassland birds including meadowlark, kildeer, many types of sparrow, hummingbirds, edge species including many nesting American woodcock, bluebirds, etc. and woodland birds including ruffed grouse, many woodpeckers, black-billed and yellow-billed cuckoo; mammals seen in the area include abundant deer, coyote, mink, woodchuck and rabbit; the flowering fields are excellent butterfly grounds)  

Waste disposal issues also exist in that the current manufactured homes use an open lagoon and presumably some similar system would be needed for this very large expansion, since the land is deep, impermeable clay.

The current park has been problematic for its neighbors with respect to dumping, trespassing, and hunting.

Manufactured housing is not a good form of affordable housing for the community, because residents pay only $3 per year for a license, but do not pay property taxes or school assessments; however, they put a heavy load on community resources since they do use the public schools.

If you would like some input on the proposed rezoning, written comments will be received at the office of the Lodi Township Clerk until Monday, noon, October 21, 2002.  Email comments can go to the Planning Commissioners at loditwp@izzy.net

I would welcome hearing from anyone interested in this issue (665-0791)

Please pass this information along to anyone you know who might be interested.  Thank you!  

Susan Miller