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SG-W:/ "Issues of the Environment" will continue


Good news.  At the end of our challenge grant time yesterday morning, WEMU
announced they will keep "Issues of the Environment" on the air.

The strong listener response in support of the show during WEMU's fund
drive has demonstrated that people want to hear live, local coverage of
environmental issues, not just the canned programs purchased from national
media syndicates that can be found all over the radio dial.

Many thanks to the local environmentalists who put up the money for the
Sierra Club $800 challenge grant, to the Ecology Center and Washtenaw Land
Trust who pitched in with their own challenges on behalf of continuing
"Issues of the Environment", and the dozens of people who called up WEMU
to pledge a contribution to match these challenges.

We haven't rolled back the increasing domination of the news media by
distant corporate monopolies.  But we have emphatically shown that we can
keep one of the few remaining niches of community-focused, community-based
news programming alive and well.

Thanks again,

Doug Cowherd
Co-chair, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group

You meant to last week, but you haven't sent me your check yet for the
Sierra Club/WEMU challenge grant fund?  Here's your reminder.  It's not
too late.  Every dollar will yield additional on-air announcements of
local Sierra Club projects designed to protect nature.  Mail your check
payable to WEMU to me at:  1117 Brooks Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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