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SG-W:/ Lodi rezoning update

The Lodi Township monthly meeting was held tonight.  Unfortunately, the
planner who was scheduled to present a report on the rezoning issue did not
show up.  Therefore, the report will have to be made at the December
meeting.  Likely, the trustees will need to vote regarding the rezoning
petition at that same meeting, since rezoning petitions have to be heard
within 90 days of receipt.

It will be extremely important that public opinion be loud and clear at that
meeting and prior to it.  The trustee group does not seem to be a very
determined one and they will need public support and public expectation to
take on the developers, who are highly likely to take the township to court
as impeding their right to develop or blocking the best use of the land,
etcetera.  In informal discussion with one of the trustees, he indicated
that from what he'd heard there's not much anyone can do to stop the mobile
home developers because they have some kind of special deal in Lansing.  Not
exactly a fighting attitude.

Please contact the trustees before the December meeting and plan to attend
the meeting and speak if at all possible.  Details to follow

                                               Susan Miller 

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