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>Hi All,
>Great news for those that want to establish their own site to 
>introduce beetles to control purple loosestrife.  The Southeast 
>Michigan Stewardship Network will sponsor a workshop to train people 
>to raise, release, and monitor beetles for the control of purple 
>loosestrife.  The article below appears in the Fall issue of the 
>City of Ann Arbor's Natural Area Preservation Division Newsletter 
>and contains many of the details of the workshop to be offered on 
>April 12.
>Article in NAP Newsletter by Jason Frenzel:
>Galerucella Beetles (purple loosestrife-eating beetles) - The How To's
>If you are interested in raising the little bugs that eat the invasive
>purple loosestrife, now's the time to start thinking about it.  Linda
>Coughenour, a volunteer with the Michigan Purple Loosestrife Control
>Project, is looking to expand the program.  To this end, the Southeast
>Michigan Stewardship Network will be holding a training session on April 12,
>2003.  This training will be geared towards land stewards hoping to raise
>Galerucella beetles.  It will also have a registration fee (estimated at
>this time to be $100) to cover the costs of the materials described below.
>If you (as an individual, or a group) participate, you will learn how to
>establish a population of beetles at your own loosestrife site and to
>monitor their impact over the next few years.  The workshop will provide you
>with the equipment and training to act as a site coordinator.  It will take
>2 to 5 years of releases to establish a healthy population of beetles.
>Raising the beetles will involve digging up 2 to 10 loosestrife plants and
>repotting them.  Once back at your home, you will need to place the plants
>in a child's swimming pool (or devise some other way to keep the roots
>constantly wet) and cover the plants with netting (to protect the beetles
>from predation).  Linda will provide a few beetles to stock your plants.
>Periodically through the summer you will be able to harvest the hatchlings
>(1000 to 5000 beetles per year) and move them to your loosestrife-infested
>site.  You will also be able to monitor the affects of your introduction.
>This will begin by marking out a one-meter plot that you will be able to
>locate in the coming months and years.  A quick survey of the plants will
>document a baseline density for later comparison.  Then you simply monitor
>for the beetles' damage.
>Note:  If you decide to participate, you must make sure to obtain permission
>from the landowner, especially on public lands.
>For more detailed information contact Linda Coughenour at 734.622.7487 or
>Space is limited, so be sure to register by contacting Lisa Brush at
>769.6981 or lbrush@umich.edu.


Mary Beth Doyle, MPH
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