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SG-W:/ anti-rezoning strategies needed

I am seeking to organize opposition to a petition by Ann Arbor Land Group to
develop 47 acres of land on the east side of Wagner Rd. in Lodi Township
from agricultural to Mobile Home Park for the purpose of expanding greatly
the existing Orchard Grove Park.  The Lodi Planning Board has already
recommended unanimously that the rezoning be denied (on multiple grounds),
but the Lodi Township Board has not yet ruled (meeting is December 3) and
has come under pressure already from the developers who threaten to sue the
Township if rezoning is denied.  Many citizens were present at the planning
commission meeting.  Public sentiment against the rezoning was strong and
vocal.  No one spoke in favor of the rezoning, which involves land slated
for "rural residential" development in the Lodi master plan.  The community
had a multitude of concerns including natural features destruction, poor
waste control (bringing odor problems), increased traffic on Waters Road,
increased burden on township and school district resources, crime at the
existing Orchard Grove park, property value, and littering of adjacent

I am looking for ideas about how to communicate most powerfully to the Board
before their vote.  Letters have been sent and will continue to be sent to
the Board and the media, and citizens will speak up at the meeting, but is
there any other approach to the Board that should be considered?  For
example, I have wondered whether the Ann Arbor School Board might have an
interest in this development since it would add many students to the schools
but would not bring in school taxes (mobile home park residents don't pay
property tax on their dwellings).  Perhaps there are other strategies that I
have not considered.

All input will be greatly appreciated.  Susan Miller 

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