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Re: SG-W:/ anti-rezoning strategies needed

I'm glad that Andrew Mutch had the time to respond more thoroughly than I.  
Andrew always manages to contribute some very good suggestions.

Although I feel that the myth of mobile homes being "affordable" housing 
needs to be debunked, it is very important--as Andrew correctly noted--to 
stick to the legal reasons as to why the site is inappropriate for a mobile 
home park, and not to cast aspersions on mobile home parks, per se, and, most 
certainly, not upon the residents.  If I had taken more time to write on the 
"affordable" aspect, I would have urged better documentation of other 
affordable opportunities...and would also urge all communities to become more 
proactive in providing truly affordable housing options which fit within a 
community's overall Master Plan.

Thanks, Andrew!

Jack Smiley

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