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SG-W:/ Orchard Grove Expansion

Title: Orchard Grove Expansion

As you may be aware from numerous recent AA News articles on townships forced to accept unwanted mobile home parks, our chance of defeating the proposed expansion of Orchard Grove is slim unless those of us who oppose it are well organized and vocal.  The Township Board will hear the public sentiment, and likely vote on the rezoning, on December 3.  Even if they vote against rezoning at that meeting, they will have to stand firm over an extended period should the developer opt to sue them for denying the rezoning.  If the developer--Ann Arbor Land Group--succeeds in getting the land rezoned (with or without a law suit), the township loses most control over the acreage, which is governed largely at the state level and comes under the jurisdiction of the Manufactured Housing Commission.  Promises often are made to townships during the planning phase of MHP projects that later are disregarded.  According to Jan Godek, Township Supervisor, many such promises were made with the earlier expansion of Orchard Grove and none were kept.  This means that it is possible that the developer promises a state of the art sewage treatment facility but ultimately is permitted (by state authority) to add to the current lagoon system.  Similarly, promises about community recreation areas or greenspace set-sides may be violated with impunity.

OUR BEST CHANCE TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE REZONING WILL BE AT THE DECEMBER 3 TOWNSHIP MEETING.  I would appreciate hearing from others who want to speak at that meeting so that we can coordinate our comments.  Each speaker has a limited time and it will probably be most effective to divvy up the important arguments, rather than repeat some and neglect others.  It also would be extremely valuable to email or write the Trustees prior to December 3 (loditwp@izzy.net) or to telephone them to express your views.  Letters to the Ann Arbor News and the Saline Reporter are another valuable approach.

Susan Miller (smiller179@comcast.net)