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Re: SG-W:/ farmland protection in Kent County

<<"Sometimes, the concerns that have been raised have been discounted by people who think we're just interested in money," said Judy Barnes, chief executive officer of the Home and Building Association of Greater Grand Rapids. " ... there will always be a need for housing. The people suffering from this program would be those that are trying to find affordable housing in the future.">>

It's so comforting to know that there will not always be a need for food.  Or perhaps it will just drop from the ceilings in our suburban palaces.

<<Commissioner Fritz Wahlfield, R-Comstock Park, said he was leaning toward voting against the program because he feared farmers would use the cash to pay off debts and then quit farming. "But I've had calls from young farmers in favor of it, and you could sense in their voice that they needed money," he said. "It wasn't a matter of farm preservation and, really, this is what it's supposed to be about ... I'd sure hate to see that nice farm ground grow up in weeds, and that's exactly what could happen.">>

It's never happened anywhere that people quit farming.  Never.  I'd sure hate to see it grow up in weeds too, but better that than houses everywhere and traffic, pollution and TAXES, TAXES TAXES!