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Re: SG-W:/ farmland protection in Kent County

It would be interesting to see a comprehensive study
that compares the impact of development on taxes and
tax rates of municipalities, particularly Townships. I
know that the Scio Township study does that to some
degree but what is really needed is a broad-based
study of growth communities across the state that
looks at how development has impacted them in terms of
the services that it demands and how that translates
into a need for tax revenue. Back in the 1970s, SEMCOG
or some other regional group, did a study on Novi,
Sterling Heights and Canton and showed, surprise! that
growth in those communities led to higher taxes. From
everything I've seen, I have yet to see a community
where the development ever paid for the demand for
more services. Even in Townships, which the Township
Association touts as a lower-cost form of government,
the tax rates can jump significantly in the wake of
the surge of development.

Andrew Mutch

> It's never happened anywhere that people quit
> farming.  Never.  I'd sure hate 
> to see it grow up in weeds too, but better that than
> houses everywhere and 
> traffic, pollution and TAXES, TAXES TAXES!

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