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SG-W:/ Land Use Leadership Council to Reach Out to Citizens; First MeetingsScheduled


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Land Use Leadership Council to Reach Out to Citizens; First Meetings Scheduled

March 3, 2003


The Michigan Land Use Leadership Council will begin reaching out to Michigan citizens to talk about their expectations and plans for land use in Michigan when it convenes its first meetings later this month. The bi-partisan council – appointed earlier this year by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, Senate Majority Leader Ken Sikkema and Speaker of the House Rick Johnson – will work with Michigan citizens to craft a “Vision for Michigan” that will lay out recommendations for land use in this state. The council will present its recommendations to the Governor and lawmakers in late summer.

Governor Granholm plans to address the group, co-chaired by former Governor William Milliken and former Attorney General Frank J. Kelley, when it convenes its first meeting on March 24 in Lansing. The bi-partisan Council was announced by the Governor and Republican and Democratic lawmakers in February and formally created by Executive Order 2003-4 on Friday.

“The Michigan Land Use Leadership Council will be instrumental in developing a cooperative, common sense approach to how we use our land,” Governor Granholm said today. “There is a tremendous need to protect our forests and farms, prevent the unplanned and unwise growth that chokes our suburban communities and threatens our water quality, and to breathe new life into our cities and older suburbs. This Council will help ensure that Michigan grows in a way that preserves the character of the state we call home.”

Governor Granholm stressed that citizen input will play a critical role in the Council’s success. The co-chairpersons of the 26-member Council intend to hold simultaneous public hearings in five cities around the state, including the Upper Peninsula, northern Lower Michigan, West Michigan, Southeast Michigan, and Lansing. The hearings will be held on April 21 and April 28.

In each location there will be two public hearings for the convenience of citizens: 3 to 5 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. The Council will also survey numerous interest groups throughout the state to determine their values, priorities, and concerns on how Michigan should grow over the next 20, 60, and 100 years.

Citizens will also be able to submit comments to the Council on-line at www.michiganlanduse.org when the site goes live later this month, or by writing to the Michigan Land Use Leadership Council in care of Public Sector Consultants, 600 West St. Joseph, #10, Lansing, MI 48933. The Council’s monthly meetings will be open to the public.

Among the many topics expected to be addressed by the Council are farmland and open space preservation; tax policy and intergovernmental finance; transportation; land-use decision-making; land use tools for local governments; urban redevelopment; affordable housing; public versus private cost of growth; state, local and private partnerships; and intergovernmental cooperation.

Gloria Jeff, director of the Michigan Department of Transportation and a certified planner, along with the directors of the Departments of Environmental Quality, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Consumer and Industry Services, or their designees, will serve as non-voting, ex officio participants on the Council and provide background information and support.



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