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SG-W:/ Joint Planning Bill Gets Hearing on Wednesday


On Wednesday afternoon, the House Land Use and Environment Commitee will
take up HB 4284, legislation to create Joint Planning Commissions, sponsored
by Rep. Chris Kolb and developed in consultation with MEC and PIRGIM.  This
new act would allow local units of government to share planning commissions
and create land use plans that cover broader geographic jurisdictions.  The
new law would remove one of the main barriers to cooperation -- differing
planning statutues for different types of municipalities.  Under the new
law, joint planning commissions could choose a single planning act that
would apply to all the participating governments.  

I encourage you to send a note to the members of the committee expressing
support for this bill.  If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact me.


Conan Smith
Land Programs Direct
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette 2A
Lansing, MI  48912
p.  517-487-9539
f.  517-487-9541

House Committee Land Use and Environment 
Clerk Phone Number 517-373-7372 
Location 326 House Office Building, Lansing, MI 
Date Wednesday, 3/26/2003 
Time 2:00 PM or After Session 
Agenda HB 4284 <mileg.asp?page=getObject&objName=2003-HB-4284>Kolb Land use;
planning; joint planning commission; provide for. (Hearing Only)

Committee Members 
Representative Ruth Johnson <http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=046>
(R), Committee Chair, 46th District 
Representative Philip LaJoy <http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=021>
(R), Majority Vice-Chair, 21st District 
Representative Gene DeRossett
<http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=052> (R), 52nd District 
Representative Jack Brandenburg
<http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=024> (R), 24th District 
Representative Matt Milosch <http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=055>
(R), 55th District 
Representative Neal Nitz <http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=078>
(R), 78th District 
Representative Chris Ward <http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=066>
(R), 66th District 
Representative Barbara Farrah
<http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=013> (D), Minority Vice-Chair,
13th District 
Representative Paul Gieleghem
<http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=031> (D), 31st District 
Representative Julie Dennis <http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=092>
(D), 92nd District 
Representative Kathleen Law <http://www.house.state.mi.us/rep.asp?DIST=023>
(D), 23rd District

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