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SG-W:/ Join us for the annual meeting




(Ann Arbor, MI) The Huron River Watershed Council invites members and the public to attend the Annual Meeting at 5:30 pm on April 10th, 2003 at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, 1800 North Dixboro Road.


Featured events include a presentation "Michigan's Land Use Leadership Council, Politics and Policy" by Lana Pollack, a member of Governor Granholm's appointed Land Use Leadership Council, the Director of the Michigan Environmental Council and a former state legislator. HRWC also will present this year's volunteer awards and conclude with a brief board meeting. Participants are invited to arrive at 5:00 pm to tour the Matthaei Botanical Gardens' grounds and conservatory. Light snacks will be served.


A non-profit agency founded in 1965, the Huron River Watershed Council is a coalition of Huron Valley residents and local governments established under Michigan's Local River Management Act. The Council's mission is to inspire attitudes, behaviors, and economies that protect, rehabilitate, and sustain the Huron River system. The term watershed applies to any area that drains into a specific river or lake, including surface runoff, storm drains, and groundwater seepage.


For more information, call Laura Rubin at 734-769-5123 or check the website at www.hrwc.org.


Elizabeth H. W. Riggs

Watershed Specialist


Huron River Watershed Council

1100 N. Main Street

Suite 210

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

phone: 734.769.5123

email: eriggs@hrwc.org

web: www.hrwc.org