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Re: SG-W:/ greenbelt

In a message dated 8/11/03 11:57:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time, amutch@waterford.lib.mi.us writes:

One of the critical selling points will be to differentiate the scope and
purpose of this program from the land preservation program passed
Countywide. I think at first blush, many residents will see this as a
duplicative effort. It will be important to highlight how the surrounding
townships appear willing to work with the City in this effort. That point
alone makes this effort fairly unique in Michigan.

The key difference is that the county natural area program focuses specifically and exclusively on high quality natural areas across the county, while the proposed greenbelt program could be for agricultural land, open space or natural areas and within a 10 mile distance from the city boundary.  It's also intended to be a program that rewards contributions and partnerships from the surrounding communities.  Ann Arbor Township's pursuit of a farmland protection millage is the best example that other townships may follow to match city funds.