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Re: SG-W:/ greenbelt

I think one of the selling points of this proposal will be maintaining a
green border around the City. I don't know if residents will be too keen
on seeing too much development outside the freeway border, even if it
means a much more meaningful greenbelt is maintained further outside the

Andrew Mutch

BLonik13@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 8/11/03 12:26:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> sreetz@med.umich.edu writes:
>> If the citizens of Ann Arbor pass this proposal, would Ann Arbor
>> more
>> likely use funds to pay for lands farther out "in the cornfields"
>> where
>> there is little infrastructure or contiguous to the edge of the city
>> limits where there is infrastructure? Wouldn't it make more sense to
>> allow development contiguous to the edge of the city limits?
> The program could certainly be constructed to reward properties that
> are some distance from the city limits rather than right up against
> it.  There is a draft selection criteria floating around that will be
> the subject of debate on this topic.

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