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Re: SG-W:/ greenbelt

Norm Cox wrote:

> Now that I have expanded the discussion, let me propose that as
> the proposal is taken forward towards a vote the discussion needs
> to be kept relatively simple.  Do the citizens of Ann Arbor (not
> any particular special interest groups) value the surrounding
> natural and agricultural landscapes enough to partner with our
> neighbors in protecting them?  The other issues are important but
> tangential to the question at hand.  Opponents to the proposal
> will try to cloud the issue framing it as a vote on a myriad of
> other issues.  I tend to view it as a measure of how rigidly we
> view the boundaries of the city.

Hear Hear!  I'm sure lots of folks will find lots of other good ideas that
could help stop sprawl, and lots of folks will find one aspect or another of
the greenbelt proposal that falls short of perfection.  But I hope that all
of us can pull together to see that a proposal with so much good in it as
the greenbelt proposal gets passed, rather than letting our own individual
definition of the perfect proposal stand in the way.

  - Mike Sklar

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