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SG-W:/ Oil references

                       Save Our Children
      An Oil graph of North America shows a steadily declining oil output to 2030 where production is only about 10% of what it is now. Importing oil from other countries in 2030 will be almost impossible because most of the now exporting nations will be importing. The demand from Asia is expected to increase. Shortages will make prices go sky high.
     We almost ran out of natural gas this year. Drilling for more gas may help temporarily, but that just exacerbates the long range problem. The more we use, the less the children will have. Importing gas will help for a while but I don't see how we could possibly stretch this out to 2030.
      The immediate effect of energy shortages would be mass unemployment, civil unrest, failure to heat houses, inability to transport for real needs, civil unrest, and without martial law, probably food shortages. It will be a terrible time to be alive. Note that more optimistic forecasts of fossil resources, even if correct, would merely increase the number of years till doomsday.
      Both energy shortages and Global Warming make it essential to cut down on energy consumption. They are two separate problems with the same solution. We must plant billions of trees both for Global Warming and as a fuel source. Wind and solar energy will also contribute to the solution of the same two problems. However the cost of switching over to a low energy society may be as much as $20 trillion dollars. If we don't do it then the children will suffer and society will go back to tepees.
      Make no mistake; it is the SUV's and the houses that will kill the children. There is only so much oil left and the faster we use it, the less we will be leaving for them. A society that lives in houses and rides in cars must perish. A society that lives in apartments and rides on trains may be able to last for thousands of years. You can't make any comparisons with previous societies because we have a much greater population now, and will have a greatly reduced energy per capita.
      The information behind these views is all over the Internet and should be studied and broadcast by students. They have the most to lose. Some of the oil experts with years of experience who are the most concerned are Colin Campbell, Jean laherrere, Kenneth Deffeyes, Richard Duncan, Walter Younquist, and L.F. Ivanhoe. Kenneth Deffeyes has written a book called "The Impending World Oil Shortage". Campbell has written a book. Walter Youngquist has written a book called "Geodestinies". Richard Heinberg has written an excellent book called "The Party is Over". My paperback copy was bought locally and cost $15. Matthew Simmons has a web page and has written many papers on the decline of oil and gas. ASPO (The Association for the Study of Peak Oil) publishes newsletters on various related topics and in some of them offers oil maps for any country you choose.
     The American public and Congress must get their heads out of the sand and try to save the children. I have solutions for these problems but no one will listen to me.
     Please organize to save your children. Cooperatives are a good way to start. This is the moral problem of our generation and it is totally reprehensible that churches are not totally involved. Use your head. Everything, including the Earth, wears out sooner or later. Our wasteful consumption of energy is destroying resources in a short period of time that it to took millions of years to create.
                                      Kermit Schlansker