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SG-W:/ REMINDER: Fall Land Use Campaign Efforts




With the Michigan Land Use Leadership Council final report out and the Legislature gearing up with it’s fall agenda, it’s time for us to unify around some land use actions.  We have spent two years developing and laying the groundwork for a Michigan Smart Growth Agenda.  All of the priorities that we have identified are included in some shape or form in the MLULC report.  For the past several months, MEC partners have campaigned for three major reforms:  statewide leadership, regional cooperation and tools for local governments.  There are a variety of policy opportunities, both executive and legislative, but success will depend on our wide collaboration and absolute focus. 


Please join us as we set our fall land use agenda!


When:  TODAY!  Wednesday, September 17th  2:00 – 5:00

Where:  MEC Office*

            119 Pere Marquette 2A

            Lansing, MI

RSVP:  Brad Garmon (bradmec@voyager.net) 517-481-9539