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SG-W:/ McGovern to address WLT Annual Fall Dinner October 9

I’m pleased to announce that Senator George McGovern will headline the Washtenaw Land Trust’s Tenth Annual Fall Dinner October 9 at the Michigan League Ballroom.
McGovern, a retired United States Senator, author, war hero, and diplomat, will discuss food, farming, and the American landscape at the event, which will also include our 2003 Preservationist of the Year Award.
We’re delighted Senator McGovern has agreed to come to Ann Arbor.  He has an extraordinary record of public service, and he has some very creative ideas about farming and farmland preservation. There is immense interest in the Washtenaw County region to protect farmland and open space right now, so we expect a timely and inspirational speech.
Tickets are $100. Reserve them by phoning 734-302-5263, or by email at:  dinner@washtenawlandtrust.org.

Best regards,
Bill Hanson
WLT Executive Director