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Re: SG-W:/ Re: Proposal B

Is your contention, Robert, that "sprawl" can take place within the city 
limits? If so, how do you define the term (relative to the more general 
term "development")?

Also, are you arguing for farmland within the city limits?

Assuming "sustainable growth" implies at least some growth somewhere, 
can you give an example of what you would consider sustainable growth 
(locally applied)?


 >Amusing, we read a "Green's response" which suggests approval of
 >Proposal B "will protect local farmland that supplies produce ...
 >thereby replacing the need for shipping produce from California or
 >Mexico or other places outside the county."  Really now?  Last I saw
 >the farms in Proposal B's encompassed townships are mostly Zone 5,
 >maybe 6.  Even a student of ecology can tell what happens to produce
 >that winters here.  But I digress...  %)
 >Historically, Ann Arbor's own containment on sprawl has been abysmal.  
 >A striking example in recent times is the Ann Arbor Planning Commission
 >and their behavior over the Dhu Varren and Pontiac Trail parcel: 180+
 >units on 18 acres, displacing an established organic farm, no account
 >for roadway geometry and integration of development to traffic flow,
 >and dissent from all who spoke at public comments section of meeting
 >save for a plug by the developer.  Yet the Ann Arbor Planning
 >Commission voted unanimously in favor of the development, one member
 >going so far as to suggest the city charter dictates the city develop
 >to the beltways.  Other examples of planning commissions starry eyed
 >visions continue with the gross strip mall at Huron Parkway and
 >Washtenaw Boulevard and the DDA's propensity to ignore downtown's
 >architecture and facility use in favor of cubed monstrosities like 1
 >North Main, Liberty Square, and more recently the buildings on the
 >westside of Main & William (btw, $500K gets you a townhouse at Ashley
 >Mews next door).  Developments all about town and the county
 >demonstrate planning commissions' failure to embrace sustainable growth
 >and failure in greenspace management.
 >So now we turn to these very officials (incl A^2 City Council) to
 >preserve greenspace when clearly, the city will not do so itself.  
 >While Proposal B is a step in the right direction, is the solution a
 >steady 30 year mileage in light of ever increasing property values?  I
 >lived in Ann Arbor Township in 1998 and backed the county land
 >preservation proposal then, yet have witnessed no abatement by the City
 >of Ann Arbor to carry the theme of greenspace preservation since, this
 >despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of those voting in
 >favoring of that proposal lived in the City.  Sorry folks, Ann Arbor
 >City government's track record stinks on this account and that does
 >little to instill trust.  Proposal B is not just about the townships
 >and I, for one, am not rewarding poor stewardship with my vote.
 >Regards    -Robert
 >Some notable though dated links on the county level:
 >So you want to live in the country?  
 >Sustainable Communities
 >Washtenaw Area Transportation Study http://www.miwats.org/

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