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Re: SG-W:/ Proposal B


I formed my opinion of Dickens Woods based on my experiences on Planning
Commission. I am sad to say that if the project that was proposed for that
area had been single family detached housing, the neighbors probably
wouldn't have had as much of an issue. But because it was proposed to be
more affordable attached condominiums, many people came out against it,
some going so far as saying that they didn't want "people like that"
living near them. I like the woods - I used to live quite close to them -
but I must question the motivation of the group when I saw that reaction.
All that said, I'm sure that the Parks Advisory Committee goes through a
good process to make their decisions.

As far as I know, that property is probably at the headwaters of Allens
Creek, but this has not been confirmed. Does anyone know this for certain?

And I don't expect one single proposal to fix all the ills that Ann Arbor
faces. What I had hoped for was a more cohesive, comprehensive plan that
could generate many ballot proposals. I wanted the right means to reach
this end, not a single ballot generated with a few people. Of course,
that's just my opinion, and what I want in my ideal world. :)


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
        - Mahatma Gandhi

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Catherine Riseng wrote:

> Kristen,
> If you are forming your opinion of the purchase of Dickens Woods based on
> reporting in the Ann Arbor News, think again because that reporting was very
> biased.  No one on the Parks Advisory Committee was ever contacted to report
> on the thorough and objective process that PAC goes through in deliberating
> about purchasing properties.  Only one aspect of this purchase was ever
> presented in the News and other recent purchases were never even mentioned.
> While it is true that PAC listened to the concerns of a very large, organized
> and active group from the larger neighborhood it was by no means the deciding
> factor. Perhaps you  might like to know that Dickens Woods is one of the few
> remaining undeveloped properties that lies in the headwaters of two of our
> degraded urban tributaries to the Huron River, Allens and Mallets Creeks, both
> of which have been targeted for study and restoration.  Perhaps PAC is looking
> at the bigger picture and trying to purchase properties whether they be for
> open space, natural areas or play areas that improve the overall quality of
> the city.
> Also, it does seem that you are asking for one relatively small, local
> initiative to solve many large and very complex problems such as affordable
> housing and urban density that occur in all our cities.
> Catherine Riseng

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