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Re: SG-W:/ Proposal B

Besides being on PAC I am also an Aquatic Ecologist at UM so do know about watershed
boundaries.  Catherine

"Kristen A. Gibbs" wrote:

> Catherine,
> I formed my opinion of Dickens Woods based on my experiences on Planning
> Commission. I am sad to say that if the project that was proposed for that
> area had been single family detached housing, the neighbors probably
> wouldn't have had as much of an issue. But because it was proposed to be
> more affordable attached condominiums, many people came out against it,
> some going so far as saying that they didn't want "people like that"
> living near them. I like the woods - I used to live quite close to them -
> but I must question the motivation of the group when I saw that reaction.
> All that said, I'm sure that the Parks Advisory Committee goes through a
> good process to make their decisions.
> As far as I know, that property is probably at the headwaters of Allens
> Creek, but this has not been confirmed. Does anyone know this for certain?
> And I don't expect one single proposal to fix all the ills that Ann Arbor
> faces. What I had hoped for was a more cohesive, comprehensive plan that
> could generate many ballot proposals. I wanted the right means to reach
> this end, not a single ballot generated with a few people. Of course,
> that's just my opinion, and what I want in my ideal world. :)
> -Kristen
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> On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Catherine Riseng wrote:
> > Kristen,
> >
> > If you are forming your opinion of the purchase of Dickens Woods based on
> > reporting in the Ann Arbor News, think again because that reporting was very
> > biased.  No one on the Parks Advisory Committee was ever contacted to report
> > on the thorough and objective process that PAC goes through in deliberating
> > about purchasing properties.  Only one aspect of this purchase was ever
> > presented in the News and other recent purchases were never even mentioned.
> > While it is true that PAC listened to the concerns of a very large, organized
> > and active group from the larger neighborhood it was by no means the deciding
> > factor. Perhaps you  might like to know that Dickens Woods is one of the few
> > remaining undeveloped properties that lies in the headwaters of two of our
> > degraded urban tributaries to the Huron River, Allens and Mallets Creeks, both
> > of which have been targeted for study and restoration.  Perhaps PAC is looking
> > at the bigger picture and trying to purchase properties whether they be for
> > open space, natural areas or play areas that improve the overall quality of
> > the city.
> >
> > Also, it does seem that you are asking for one relatively small, local
> > initiative to solve many large and very complex problems such as affordable
> > housing and urban density that occur in all our cities.
> >
> > Catherine Riseng
> > PAC
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