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SG-W:/ Proposal B on TV, radio, and web: 5 days left


The Proposal B campaign is now winding into high gear in the last five
days before the November 4th election that will determine the natural
character (or lack of it) in this area for generations.  If you're curious
about what you can learn about the Parks & Greenbelt Proposal in the
"electronic media" of TV, radio, and the web, the review below might
interest you.

I'm including information on how to see the TV and radio ads of both the
pro and anti Proposal B campaigns.  The developers' ads were made by the
public relations firm MRG, notorious for their work for tobacco firms and
waste-haulers that dump foreign trash in Michigan.  See for yourselves how
they are implementing the cynical but classic (and effective) political
strategy of raising a million questions so that voters will become
uncertain about Proposal B even if they don't like sprawl.

It's well known that uncertain voters turn down ballot proposals.  Since
MRG and the developers know they can't really "sell" our community on
unlimited growth and sprawl developer profits, they hope to convince just
enough people that Proposal B is a shaky proposition.  This technique has
worked for them all around the country, whenever they have enough money.
They certainly will outspend us this time by a large margin, so this
election will be a real test of our community's character.  (Below, I'll
tell you how I think we can win.)

Will we have enough common sense to see through the ad campaign to realize
it's just the out-of-town developers trying to deceive us?  We'll find out
on November 4th.

Here's the review of Proposal B on TV, etc.


a2openspace.org:  Everything you always wanted to know about Proposal B,
including the new features "Question of the Day" and "Developer Lies".
Coming any hour, you'll be able to view our new radio and TV ads. Hear
developers "Harry and Louis" discuss how their plan to confuse voters by
raising questions about Proposal B so they can roll out the bulldozers.

aatfightsprawl.org:  Learn all about the Land Preservation Proposal on the
ballot in Ann Arbor Township.


These features will air during NPR's 'Morning Edition' on WEMU 89.1 FM.

Thursday 10/29 (7:10am, 8:40, 5:50pm)--PDR and land use in Boulder, Lexington
                                    and Portland
Friday 10/30 (8-9am)--Live listener call-in with Mayor Hieftje and
                         Home Builders Association's Jeff Fisher

Tired of educational public radio programs?  Then consider tuning in as
"Harry and Louis" (ours) faces off against "The Babbler" (theirs) in the
battle of the radio ads at 102.5 and 107 FM, and 1050 and 1600 AM.  You
can hear our ad on the website at a2openspace.org.


In the 1998 ballot proposal camapign, the developers had the TV audience
all to themselves.  Surprise!  This year voters will see our ads as well
as the developers' ad on many of the major cable channels.  Tune in and
see for yourselves which one is more credible.  As above, you can see our
ad on the website at a2openspace.org.

This election is too close too call.  We'll be heavily outspent.  The
result may turn on whether enough people who care about the natural
character of the area will turn out this weekend to volunteer to
distribute our last shot at communicating our message.

We need 250 people who will spend an hour or two dropping literature in
their areas (we'll give you a route that won't duplicate others) this
weekend.  Right now, 87 people have said "yes, I'll be there".  We can get
to 250 if we all pitch in a little bit.  If you'd rather phone likely YES
voters to remind them of the election, you can do this instead.  You don't
have to reside in Ann Arbor to help win this election.  You may never have
a better chance to make a real difference in our area - forever.

If you'll commit to joining the Parks & Greenbelt team this weekend, at a
time of your choosing, please reply to this email by typing "I'll be
there" in the subject line.  I'll put you on the volunteer list and
prepare material for you to pick up at our convenient downtown
headquarters (below) whenever you like.

It's now or never in our fight to curb the sprawl that is spoiling our
wonderful home town.  Please help.

Doug Cowherd
Co-director, Friends of Ann Arbor Open Space
[I'm a volunteer too - and I'll be out dropping lit this weekend.]

Friends of Ann Arbor Open Space Headquarters

315 W. Huron, Suite 120 (lower level)
Two entrances - off Huron and Washington, just east of railroad trestle.

Hours:  Monday through Friday,  8:30am to 8pm
        Saturday & Sunday, 10am to 6pm

Phone:  213-2174

Please forward this to friends and associates who might be interested!


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