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SG-W:/ Proposal B: A Time To Act

Proposal B may be our last chance to do more than just talk about land preservation, urban density, and mass transportation.  Join those of us who want to start down the right path -- while we still can -- on the volunteer literature drop this weekend.  Just stop in at Open Space HQ (315 W. Huron, most easily entered off of Washington Street just west of First and across from the Kiwanis site) between 10 am and 6 pm on Saturday or Sunday (or both!) to get your lit packet and route.
You don't have to live in Ann Arbor to help out.  Please, let's all pull together to prove those overconfident developers wrong on Tuesday.  And if you're registered to vote in Ann Arbor, don't forget to vote YES on Proposal B this coming Tuesday, Nov. 4!
  - Mike Sklar