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SG-W:/ Election Update

I just got back to Novi after spending the morning at
the polls in Ann Arbor Township in support of the
Township's Land Preservation Millage. Turnout at
Township Hall, which is one of the two voting precinct
locations, was pretty steady all morning. We had a
number of people who gave thumbs-up or stopped
specifically to tell us that they had voted for the
millage and to thank the committee members for all of
the hard work that they had done. We had a couple of
people who stopped and asked why they should support
the millage. We tried to answer all of their concerns
and hopefully, we turned a few votes to the "Yes"

There was always at least two of us on the Pro side
outside and in some cases 4 or 5 of us with signs!
There was no sign of any opposition at all - no
people, no signs, nothing. Sort of hard to have local
representation when your campaign is a collection of
out-of-town special interests. I think the feeling
among most people is that the anti forces are
marshalling their energies against Proposal B in the

The general consenus is that turnout will be good and
I think most people are cautiously optimistic about
the Township proposal. However, many are concerned
about Proposal B in the City. We were encouraging
people to contact friends in the City and make sure
that they vote "Yes on B"! Too many people have spoken
with City voters who should be "yes" voters who may
vote "no" to take the City vote for granted. If you
haven't contacted your friends in the City, there's
still time to do that. Every vote is going to count

Andrew Mutch

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