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Re: SG-W:/ Election Update

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Andrew Mutch wrote:
> I just got back to Novi after spending the morning at the polls in Ann
> Arbor Township [snip]  We had a number of people who
> gave thumbs-up or stopped specifically to tell us that they had voted
> for the millage and to thank the committee members for all of the hard
> work that they had done. We had a couple of people who stopped and asked
> why they should support the millage. We tried to answer all of their
> concerns and hopefully, we turned a few votes to the "Yes" side.
> There was always at least two of us on the Pro side outside and in some
> cases 4 or 5 of us with signs! There was no sign of any opposition at
> all - no people, no signs, nothing. Sort of hard to have local
> representation when your campaign is a collection of out-of-town special
> interests. I think the feeling among most people is that the anti forces
> are marshalling their energies against Proposal B in the City.

Andrew, it looks like you're right about where the developers are focusing
their energies.  They think they can beat us in Ann Arbor.  Late last
night the developers and their cronies illegally posted "Save our parks-No
on B" signs at parks all around Ann Arbor.  This marks a new ethical
lowpoint in their cynical campaign to fool people into thinking that B
will hurt parks.  If anyone sees an illegally posted sign - from either
campaign - I hope you'll remove it.

> The general consenus is that turnout will be good and I think most
> people are cautiously optimistic about the Township proposal. However,
> many are concerned about Proposal B in the City. We were encouraging
> people to contact friends in the City and make sure that they vote "Yes
> on B"! Too many people have spoken with City voters who should be "yes"
> voters who may vote "no" to take the City vote for granted. If you
> haven't contacted your friends in the City, there's still time to do
> that. Every vote is going to count today!

Turnout is indeed very strong today.  Lots of people go to the polls with
questions in their minds, basically undecided.  This makes our volunteer
team's effort to be at the polls standing by our signs and *handing out
our flier* to voters as they arrive, even more significant.  If you can
offer *just one hour* to do this painless, pleasant task (the weather is
idyllic - you may get a tan!), please come down to our bustling campaign
headquarters at 315 W. Huron, suite 120 (lower level) to get your fliers
and a polling place slot that suits you.  If she's game, that's what my
daughter and me will be doing after school today.  You don't need to live
in Ann Arbor to help.  Let's not lose a close election because we let up
at the end.  Be a part of the start of something big.

This morning many polling places where we had posted "Yes on B" signs were
mysteriously vacant of anything but "No" signs.  Perhaps the people
putting up the "No" signs got ours caught on their clothing as they left
the polling places?  Fortunately, good people all over town are pulling
"Yes" signs off the streets and bringing them to polling places so they'll
be there for the 5PM voting rush.  Please feel free to do this for your
polling place.  We can't have too many signs there - posted legally 100
feet from the building entrance.

See you tonight at the victory party, 8pm at Arbor Brewing.  Come
celebrate the start of something big.

Doug Cowherd
Co-director, Friends of Ann Arbor Open Space

Campaign HQ:  213-2174

*** Check out the latest on Proposal B at www.a2openspace.org ***

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