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Re: SG-W:/ More news on Ann Arbor victories

Title: Re: SG-W:/ More news on Ann Arbor victories
Andrew, this stuff is terrific. Please cc comments@a2openspace.org. I'm putting much of this on the website. People ARE looking at it--statewide.

Ed Steinman

At 9:47 AM -0800 11/6/03, Andrew Mutch wrote:
Ann Arbor's voters strike blow against urban sprawl
By Laura Berman / The Detroit News

"On Election Day, though, the people of Ann Arbor
stormed the barricades in a perfectly traditional way:
They voted. By a 2-to-1 margin, they approved a tax to
pay for buying land outside the city limits..."


Mayor sets land agenda
Hieftje wants greenbelt advisory commission named by
"Flush with victory on the open space tax proposal he
championed, Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje said
Wednesday that he hoped to have a Greenbelt Advisory
Commission appointed by January and start buying land
and development rights within a year. ..."


Ann Arbor Township voters approve proposal by 3-to-1
Victory allows funds to be a source of matching funds
for city
"Ann Arbor Township voters resoundingly approved a new
tax Tuesday to preserve land in their township, and in
doing so re-inforced the outcome of the greenbelt
victory in the city of Ann Arbor. ..."


At The Polls, Another Good Day For Smart Growth
Ann Arbor Greenbelt, Grand Rapids transit win big


Andrew Mutch

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