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SG-W:/ Joy about election results--and a query

	I am ecstatic about the election.  I was cautiously optimistic that
Proposal B would pass, though I was very nervous on election day.  Anyone
who lived through the 1998 election knew not to be overconfident.  I never
expected this margin of victory.
	I rank this with the 1976 Bottle Bill referendum and the 1993
Environmental Bond as the 3 biggest environmental election victories of my
lifetime.  I believe this one will probably have the most far-reaching
benefits.  The next time I ride my bike past some of my favorite farms in
the townships, I will know that some of them may still be there, as farms,
when my grandchildren are born.
	Ann Arbor is blessed with some of the finest, bravest, and most
visionary environmental leaders anywhere.  I want to congratulate Doug
Cowherd, Mike Garfield, Mayor Hieftje, the Gunns, Mike Moran, and all the
rest.  I hope they will be minor celebrities on the progressive political
circuit for a while, sharing the strategies they used to defeat the
deceptive, deceitful No on B campaign.  God knows, progressives and
environmentalists need ideas for standing up to heavily-funded right-wing
campaigns that make it sound like up is down.
	My query:  Does anyone have access to ward-by-ward or
precinct-by-precinct returns for Prop. B?  I'd like to see the results in
more depth than the newspaper reported.

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