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SG-W:/ Fw: [GASL] Biomass table

      I do not know what kind of a magic formula that could be presented to
prevent the gradual flow of nutrients out of the Earth from tree growth if
the ashes are removed for fertilizer.  In the natural state all of the
nutrients would fall back on the Earth to be recycled as long as the sun
lasts. Anyhow this may be useful information..
                                   Kermit Schlansker

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> Dear Listers,
>     Biomass as a resource will not wear out the soil, look at the rain
> forests. They have lasted many centuries and will regenerate even when
clear cut and
> all of the soil problems occur.
>     Plant production limitations are very familiar to me. I have spent 30
> years studying soil and plant interactions as part of an associated
> Agronics which has developed sophisticated programs to increase production
> plant quality based upon increasing the basic exchange capacity of the
soil with
> naturally occurring organic colloids. By increasing the cation exchange
> capacity, the soil releases and retains more nutrients and the soil plant
> is dramatically changed for the better. We can double plant production
> and tree regrowth rates. The economics of production can be dramatically
> improved using our program.
>     If there is interest in this program, our website is listed below.
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> Leland T. Taylor
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